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What we can do for you

We offer a wide range of specialized products developed to precisely manage individual digitalization tasks. All services are individually adapted to your needs. We truly believe that there is “no such thing as an unhappy customer.”

Analyzing innovation

With analytical excellence, proprietary technology, and entrepreneurial passion, our Intelligence team delivers the foundation for digital growth. We systematically analyze start-ups and investment flows to identify early changes in the market environment. We identify growth opportunities created by new technologies and digital business models. We decode changes in market structures and value creation processes to develop successful strategies for digital innovation. We create entrepreneurial visions, turning our clients into digital winners of the 21st century.

Connecting with the ecosystem

With individual workshop and sprint formats, the Briefings team provides clients access to the global tech ecosystem, defines a tangible role in the ecosystem, and imparts knowledge on technology and digital business models to facilitate transformation. We are experts in applying the impact of innovative business models, technologies, and new agile approaches to the clients’ goals, combining our experience with the expertise of relevant ecosystem stakeholders. In close methodical cooperation, we transfer curated findings into concrete applications, design startup interactions, business models, and value chains, thereby initiating organizational or cultural changes.

Identifying and seizing opportunities

Our Solutions team transforms opportunities into real successes. Based on our many years of experience, we develop implementation strategies and organizational setups along three steps: build, partner, and invest. Our benchmark is measurable success. As part of a build strategy, we develop and validate sustainable business models based on startup methods, creating powerful innovation units. Our partner concepts enable profitable cooperation with startups for mutual benefit. With established strategies, the Venture Investing team helps to successfully invest in innovative start-ups, generating maximum added value. Our Digital Portfolio Modelling helps to create a personalized strategy for each client.

What our clients have achieved

With our support, our customers have achieved a comprehensive understanding of the technology ecosystem, to say the least. Their innovative strength and awareness for change continues to develop. Together, we have constructively changed corporate culture, accelerated key decisions, established innovation hubs, investment units, and digital teams. We have launched a multitude of international startup programs, while developing and implementing investment strategies. We have launched new digital products, then increased their growth and secured their future viability.