What we can do for you

We offer a wide range of specialized products developed to precisely manage individual digitalization tasks. All services are individually adapted to your needs. We truly believe that there is “no such thing as an unhappy customer.”

Analyzing innovation

We interpret the booming global startup scene as an indicator for future markets. Two scarce resources are constantly being redistributed: talent and capital. Where both are concentrated, notable innovation emerges. Those who can recognize early success cases have a competitive advantage. Detailed analysis reveals changes in value chains and innovative business models. Our products are based on systematic analysis of the global tech ecosystem. We use our global network to your advantage. Our in-house software and evaluation of relevant databases support our analysts in their work. We are convinced that “data beats opinion,” which we apply to our strategy.

Connecting with the ecosystem

No presentation, however good, will be able to surpass your own experience. For this reason, we always invite relevant experts to the table: innovators, founders, managers, and investors. Through exchange, our clients learn what works best in practice. We introduce you to the best minds in digitalization. No one can know everything, but the right network comes close to it. We help with the heavy lifting. Our programs are individually tailored to fit your needs.

Identifying and seizing opportunities

Every strategy becomes more successful if hypotheses are made and systematically tested in the market. All startups work according to the concepts of Minimum Viable Product and Validation. We help our clients to develop these methods for themselves. In addition, we are experts in the internal organization of innovation. We help companies to position themselves in a way that keeps them ahead. A team of experienced investment experts will also support you in developing and implementing venturing strategies.

What our clients have achieved

With our support, our customers have achieved a comprehensive understanding of the technology ecosystem, to say the least. Their innovative strength and awareness for change continues to develop. Together, we have constructively changed corporate culture, accelerated key decisions, established innovation hubs, investment units, and digital teams. We have launched a multitude of international startup programs, while developing and implementing investment strategies. We have launched new digital products, then increased their growth and secured their future viability.