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We excel in digitalization

Transforming new technologies and business models into entrepreneurial success is the challenge of our time. We are leading specialists in digital transformation. Our experts guide you through cultural change, strategy development, and implementation. On the following pages you will find an overview of our services.

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We shape digitalization

We are an affiliate of Axel Springer SE, a company that has achieved digital transformation with unprecedented success. Axel Springer has been a pioneer of change for more than two decades. Four fifths of the operating profit is digital. The lion’s share of this profit stems from business models that are disruptive to Axel Springer’s original core business.

Thought and opinion leaders

hy employs Germany’s leading experts in digital transformation. Christoph Keese, Managing Partner at hy, pictured on the right in conversation with journalist Peter Turi. As Executive Vice President, Keese has played a key role in driving Axel Springer’s digitalization. He is the author of several bestsellers on the subject, namely:


Silicon Valley – What’s coming to us from the world’s most powerful valley (2014), Silicon Germany – How we’re creating digital transformation (2016), and Disrupt Yourself – The adventure of reinventing yourself in the digital world (2018).


Christoph Keese heads a remarkable team of experts, each of whom is a thought and opinion leader in their domain.


Strategy, implementation, and cultural change

There are three primary components to any digital transformation.

First: precise design of the strategy based on all available data.

Secondly: precise implementation of the strategy by skillfully founding new companies, entering into partnerships, and making targeted investments in innovation.

Third: successful change of corporate culture.


At hy, we support you in all three areas. From our experience with Axel Springer and from the cooperation with dozens of customers from numerous industries, we have derived the most effective methods.

Networks are the largest markets

Today, seven of the ten most valuable companies in the world are Internet-based. Digital markets are the most promising fields of the present. Your company can successfully expand into the Internet. We are at home on the net. We know the thought patterns, rules, recipes for success, methods, leadership models, and organisational forms. Take advantage of our expertise for your economic success.

Successful transformation is possible

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook may have won the first round of digitalization, but Europe’s companies have just as much potential to win the next rounds. Expertise in production is a key competence in the new wave of digitization. At hy, we know from our own experience the methods that lead to success. Access this knowledge and avoid taking unnecessary detours.

An exceptional combination of talents

Diversity thrives in digitalization. Multifaceted networks have the greatest advantage. Our team is strong because it comes from different sectors. Among them are leaders of the digital transformation at Axel Springer and other corporations, but also successful founders, management consultants, technologists, strategists, and analysts. We translate between industries. We understand and speak the languages of established companies and startups.

We are entrepreneurs like you

Just like our customers, we are a team of entrepreneurs and work tirelessly to achieve tangible success. Dr. John Lange, who helped build Axel Springer’s successful digital portfolio as CFO, today supports hy’s clients in venturing and investing. We measure ourselves by the concrete results of our work and only develop projects for customers that we consider to be so promising, that we would participate in their business ourselves.


Our company – Axel Springer hy GmbH – is owned 35 percent by the management and the founders. Our share enables us to think and act as entrepreneurs. The rest is held by Axel Springer.

Strong mix of competencies

Complementing our strength, our team is backed by Axel Springer, kloeckner.i, and Egon Zehnder as strategic partners. They contribute their strengths to the cooperation with our customers wherever we are not experts ourselves. Many projects require a realignment of the organization. Egon Zehnder supports us in filling key positions and in shaping culture and organization. The product, marketing and sales experts at kloeckner.i, the digital unit of the Klöckner steel group, have designed and implemented several successful digital platforms. Our clients have one contact person and receive everything from a single source – but if required, there are three strong partners behind them: Axel Springer, kloeckner.i and Egon Zehnder.

Many projects require a realignment of the organization. Egon Zehnder provides support in filling key positions and in shaping culture or organizational structure. Our clients have one primary contact person and receive updates from a single source. However, there are always three strong partners behind them: Axel Springer, kloekner.i, and Egon Zehnder.

Axel Springer  KPMG Egon Zehnder

Stay in the loop with our podcasts

Two weekly podcasts offer valuable insights into the practice of digitalization. Every Friday, Christoph Keese publishes an episode of the hy Podcast. He discusses and offers an overview of all aspects related to digitalization. Interesting studio guests, ranging from top managers to startup newbies, are regularly invited to share their experiences. Jasmine Werner’s podcast Workaround is dedicated to the digital influences on our working world – ideal for all those working in human resources or simply interested in the future of their own work.

Christoph Keese  Jasmine Werner

Opportunities for extraordinary people

Extraordinary people need equally extraordinary environments. At hy, mediocrity and boredom are left far behind. We believe in transparency, participation, team spirit, freedom of design, passion, and performance. We offer a good salary, a climate that promotes your skills, and a highly motivated team of experts with considerable professional experience. We know how demanding it is to reconcile career, family, and friends. As a company, we help you keep a personal balance. If you would like, you can acquire shares in the company. We have various interesting vacancies, which are detailed here.

We look forward to hearing from you

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Photo of Dr. Jan Wildhirth (COO)