We support leaders

in achieving their most ambitious growth targets.

Our heritage:
the best of four worlds


    inspired us.

    We are a company of Axel Springer SE. Europe’s leading media group is our main investor and role model for successful transformation through digital business models.

    taught us.

    We know your end of the table. Our team has worked in companies like Zeiss, Lufthansa, ProSieben, Audi, Vodafone and knows innovation pitfalls and key success factors.

    shaped us.

    Many of us have founded startups ourselves or worked in early-stage startups. We bring our entrepreneurial spirit to our customers.

    trained us.

    We are out-of-the-box thinkers. Many of us have worked at consulting firms like Kearney, BCG and Simon-Kucher, but wanted to do things differently.

Our impact:
6 Years. 200+ Clients. 400+ Projects.

Award-winning consulting.
Recognition and prizes for our expertise:

What our clients say about us:

Thanks to hy's entrepreneurial experience, we could define an agile expansion concept for a new market.
Frank Kleiner CEO Harry Brot
hy is our key to the startup ecosystem. Through perfect networking, we established our venture in just a few weeks.
Matthias Hoyer CEO Hoyer Handel
With hy, we can accelerate our business projects quickly and easily.
Marc Wille CEO CUBOS
hy's employees are not consultants to us, but important companions and supporters on our journey.
Dr. Hadi Saleh CEO CeramTec
hy recognizes the 'so what' for its customers – very valuable for our strategic work.
Antje Leminsky Former CEO Grenke
Being supported by hy in digital M&A activities greatly adds value to our business.
Rüdiger Behn CEO Waldemar Behn
The team was highly responsive to our challenges, and the hands-on mentality delivered results quickly.
Sven Siering CEO vent.io
hy has an excellent overview of new B2B business models. For us, an ideal balance between intellectual derivation and applicable conclusions.
David Doyle VP Strategy & Innovation Lufthansa Technik
New digital business models in the industry are tricky, but with hy, we have found the right one for us.
Dr. Philipp Sauter Former Head of Corporate Venturing Trumpf
The hy consultants convince me with their authentic experience and hands-on attitude.
Michaela Bessell Head of Ecosystem Henkel dx
The hy team understands the challenges of innovation units, startups and corporates and impresses with power and empathy.
Patrick Wirth Managing Director Baloise Mobility
hy complements our technical experts in our innovation program as a Co-Preneur.
Sebastian Tietz Director Open Innovation Bosch
The experts at hy have helped us successfully migrate our license models to subscriptions several times.
Patrick Katenkamp Operating Partner Elvaston Capital Management
The hy team can be measured by results. Their fee is linked to the upside of the project. No consultants go that far, only entrepreneurs.
Dr. Andreas Spiegel Founder DRS Investment
With hy's "Pricing Friends", I have the ideal sparring partners for pricing and sales issues.
Joanna Albrecht Vice President Deutsche Private Equity
hy adapts their solutions strongly to the customer and their needs, instead of working with ready-made solutions.
Boris Klenk Investor GENUI
hy's analysis was pragmatic, concrete, and to the point: a clean inventory.
Dr. Joachim Dettmar Operating Partner IK Partners

Achieving your ambitious growth goals together

In a world full of turbulence, it is crucial to keep your focus on ambitious growth goals. At our company, growth is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the diverse challenges that can arise in pursuit of these goals. With our comprehensive consulting services, we are prepared to assist you with all your questions regarding your growth ambitions. Together, we will develop tailored strategies to help you achieve your objectives and drive your company forward successfully.

Innovation and Ventures

We support our clients on their entrepreneurial journey by identifying, validating and scaling new business opportunities. We set up and develop innovation structures. In doing so, we analyze and recommend whether build, partner or invest is the best strategy.


  • Innovation Management

    We support organizations throughout the entire innovation process.

  • Business Building and Scaling

    We are experts in developing new business models and making them marketable.

  • Venture Clienting

    We make our network the network of our customers.

  • Ideation and validation

    We understand complex market dynamics and help our clients identify, elaborate and validate potential business ideas.

Pricing and Sales

hy connects leading experts to monetize scalable digital business models. We don’t develop theory-only models, but use our operational experience to ensure that all concepts are put into practice.


  • Pricing from A to Z

    We identify pricing potentials, quantify them according to business value, work them out and – most important – implement them.

  • Digital Sales

    We develop digital sales approaches to address new target groups and serve them profitably.

  • Go to market

    Pricing, sales, market access – our team of entrepreneurs provides the optimal growth setup for new business models.

  • Value Creation

    We develop ambitious growth plans for private equity-managed companies and measure ourselves by their success.


Analytical, visionary and creative. For our clients, we are the ear to the market and partner to rethink. We decode market dynamics, identify disruption risks and develop entrepreneurial growth strategies. Inspired by startups, we rethink strategy.


  • Market Decoding

    We uncover your market dynamics and risks of tomorrow before they show up in your balance sheet.

  • Growth paths

    We identify growth opportunities for a sustainable positioning.

  • Ecosystem Development

    We are your key to the startup and tech ecosystem.

  • Bold Bets

    We support you in strategic implementation at operational and shareholder level.

Executive Advisory

We provide long-term support to CEOs and owners on issues of digital transformation and technological innovation. We see ourselves as co-entrepreneurs and are committed to our clients’ success with passion, creativity and excellence.


  • Thought Leadership

    With thought leadership, you draw public attention to your company.

  • Business Books

    Books make it possible to stand unmistakably for a topic and to build and expand thought leadership.

  • Board mandate

    From family businesses to international corporations. We are at your side as a strategic partner.

  • Keynote Speeches

    Our experts inspire through impulse lectures on current topics.

Web3 and Metaverse

The way business models are operated today will change fundamentally. Current platform business models will be replaced by “token economies.” Immersive experiences in the “metaverse” are changing the way we communicate, shop and work, bringing the real and virtual worlds ever closer together.


  • C-Level Agenda Setting

    Together we decode “buzz words” as well as use cases and provide orientation for the strategic agenda.

  • Web3 Adoption

    We support and accelerate Web3 native companies to market within the hy ecosystem and the European Union.

  • Web3 Pioneers

    We systematically promote your Web3 talents and offer educational and networking opportunities beyond company boundaries.

  • Web3 Opportunity Check

    We analyze your market environment with regard to Web3 & Metaverse, identify disruption risks and define growth opportunities.


As a leading technology partner for artificial intelligence, we increase efficiency, reduce costs and enable data-based decisions to build data-driven organizations. With a stellar team of experienced experts, we support you from the identification of suitable AI use cases to the development and operation of AI systems.


  • Advise

    We advise SMEs and corporates to design and implement company-specific AI strategies. Our proven Enterprise AI Framework guarantees that the AI strategy is tailored to your business model, maximizes investments and paves the way to an efficient, data-driven future.

  • Build

    We develop customized solutions super-charged with artificial intelligence, data analytics and automations. Our scalable tech stack, based on turnkey software components, enables us to develop in agile cycles and implement customer requirements precisely and quickly.

  • Implement

    As your implementation partner, we support make-or-buy decisions, navigate through digital transformation with specialized vendor selection, due diligence and adapt proven AI solutions from our global AI ecosystem to your business operations for a tailored and secure implementation.

  • Run

    We operate your AI Centre of Excellence in close cooperation and coordination with internal stakeholders and ensure the rapid development of knowledge, talent and technical infrastructure. We promote rapid prototyping and the successful implementation of first use cases in order to realize optimizations and strategic growth opportunities. We act as a landing pad for AI vendors and strategic partners from the global AI ecosystem.

redefine consulting

A team of former founders and executives with corporate experience. Trained in consulting and corporate innovation units and shaped by startups. United by the idea of a new kind of consulting.

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