This is hy

A team of founders, strategists, digital and tech experts with the ambition to always ask that one question more, to go that step further and to think more courageously. We support CEOs in driving the digital transformation, identifying growth potential and developing new business models and future strategies. What unites us is an entrepreneurial spirit, out-of-the-box mindset and a pinch of adventurousness.

hy Values

This is what we believe in and how we work.

  • Curiousity

    We are curious. We always ask that one question more. We create space for ourselves to try out new things. In case of doubt, we also take unknown paths. The diversity in our team and the personal development of each individual are the basic prerequisites for this.

  • Cohesion

    Our different experiences and views make us special. They are the most valuable drivers of our work. In doing so, we cultivate a respectful and appreciative way of dealing with each other.

  • Excellence

    Precision is in our DNA. We pay attention to every detail because innovation can only thrive on a solid foundation. We provide our customers with clear and unambiguous recommendations for action based on this claim. This is how we challenge ourselves, again and again, to think in new ways.

  • Entreprenuership

    We are passionate co-entrepreneurs. With a willingness to take risks, a love for innovation and our out-of-the-box mindset, we inspire our customers and take full responsibility for the opportunities we develop together.

Open Positions

We are looking for sharp thinkers and hands-on movers and shakers

hy Voices
Unlike many other companies, "we think entrepreneurially" is not just an empty phrase: everyone at hy can work not only in the company but also on the company. Anyone who has ideas can put them into practice - whether for a new product, exciting potential customers or any other initiative.
Cord Schmidt Consultant
hy Voices
After my master's degree, I wanted to go into consulting to gain varied insight into various industries and companies. At the same time, I felt like working in a small team in which I could actively participate. hy combines both aspects very well as an employer.
Nikoline von Nieding Consultant
hy Voices
I particularly like the fact that I am given a lot of freedom in my work here. Free creative thinking is actually demanded. This applies not only to the development of projects and recommendations for action but also to their implementation.
Tilman Schäfer Engagement Manager