Pricing and Sales

Modern Monetization.

Modern Go-to-Market.

For Modern Business Models.

Our work is data-driven, we’re always right on the pulse of the times and deliver concepts that can be implemented and are close to the customer. Our consultants combine pricing and sales experience from industry, start-ups and the innovation departments of large companies.

In short: we support the entire pricing and sales process. Thanks to our digital DNA, we feel at home in disruptive fields. At the same time, we also help optimize the existing business and bring in a fresh, digital wind.

  • Monetizing new business models

    Whether software, data, platforms or digital business models in B2B and B2C: we specialize in disruptive business models and find the best monetization for a new business.

  • Price waterfall & condition systems

    Multichannel conflicts as well as the international consolidation of retail lead to a considerable need for optimization of condition systems. We help with strategic and performance-based realignment.

  • Pricing Opportunity Check

    Occasionally, it is not clear exactly what it is, but you sense that there is something to be taken in pricing. We take a closer look at the relevant pricing areas, define important potentials and initiate the implementation.

  • Pricing strategy & organization

    Effective pricing requires a strategic framework, a powerful organization and clear processes. We not only define the optimal price positioning, but also set tactical guidelines for daily sales activities.

  • Digital Sales & Go-to-Market Strategy

    The right digital sales approach can reach new target groups and create long-term customer relationships. We support the design and implementation of digital end-to-end sales solutions along the entire customer journey.

  • E-Commerce & Online Pricing

    E-commerce is characterized by increasing price transparency and great price dynamics. New pricing approaches are necessary. We use the latest technologies and know which factors should be considered to increase conversion.

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