Web3 and Metaverse

Decoding the transition from platform to token economy.

The way of doing business will change fundamentally. The current platform business models will be replaced by token economies. Immersive experiences in the metaverse are changing the way we communicate, shop, and work, and are increasingly merging reality with the digital space. What is hype and what is substance – between headlines and buzzwords it is critical to keep an overview in order to make the right decisions.

Web3 – The next evolution of the internet is based around 5 fundamental shifts. Decentralization, Ownership, Privacy, Transparency and Automation. These shifts will disrupt currently established business models and will bring up new champions. We put it into perspective, decode the true implications for your business and support you on the journey.

  • Web3 C-Level Agenda Setting

    In the near future, every company needs a Web3 strategy. In the here and now, every company should put the topics of Web3 and Metaverse on its internal agenda. Together, we align across the board and position Web3 solutions and business models on the strategic agenda.

  • Web3 Adoption

    Adoption through strategic, strong and impactful partnerships is the cornerstone for successful market penetration. Together, we collaborate on accessing the true USP and benefits of specific Web3 solutions – accelerating Web3 adoption within hy’s Ecosystem and the European Union.

  • Web3 Pioneers

    The thematic blocks of Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain form the basis for the great next economic upheaval across industries. Together, we identify your Web3 talents, promote them systematically and provide educational and network opportunities beyond company boundaries.

  • Web3 Opportunity Check

    We analyze your market environment in relation to Web3 & Metaverse, identify disruption risks and define growth opportunities. At the end of our sprint, you will have a concrete ecosystem understanding you’re positioning within and actionable items on how (and if) to move forward.

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