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In 2020, the level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity continued to skyrocket due to Covid-19. It has never been more important to understand what the future will bring and how to actively shape it for your own company. We are convinced that to understand the future, we must look to those who are currently inventing it. Startups and venture capital activities are our proxies to decode markets because whenever a company is founded or receives financing, a bet is placed. These bets shape the markets of tomorrow. We help our clients to develop an understanding of these new markets, to identify new business opportunities and to implement them successfully.

Our Promise

We replace the coincidence of a lucky bet with the confidence of moving in the right direction.

Our Impact

In more than 170 projects we have decoded 12 markets and identified more than 60 opportunities, validated 17 new business models and helped to build or reposition 10 Corporate Innovation Units. Together with our clients, we have founded 5 ventures to date. In more than 20 Digital Learning Journeys we have prepared teams for the digital transformation and supported them in building sustainable connections to the tech ecosystem.

Validation of an “Equipment as a Service” business model for laser cutting machines

With its TruLaserCenter 7030, the machine tool manufacturer Trumpf was planning a “pay per part” offer in the sheet metal cutting market. We validated the idea with Trumpf’s customers in the context of a digital prototype, checked the technical feasibility and designed the business model and subsequently accompanied the joint venture negotiations between Trumpf and Munich Re on Trumpf’s side.


Implementation as proposed by hy. Trumpf cooperates with Relayr and Munich Re to bring the pay-per-part sales model to the market nationwide.

Analysis of possible disruption risks and strategic growth options of the HCS Group

We analysed the changes along all value chains of the HCS Group, identified fundamental market changes and derived possible corruption risks and seven concrete business opportunities for HCS.


Conversion of the results into a “Digital Growth Story” for the PE owner with subsequent validation and implementation of the identified topics, e.g. the B2C market entry in the USA with an online offer for racing fuel

Development of the digital growth strategy for CeramTec

We supported CeramTec, a leading supplier of advanced technical ceramics, in developing its digital growth strategy. Based on an analysis of change vectors in CeramTec’s extended market environment, we identified the six most relevant innovation areas. Within these innovation areas and based on CeramTec’s strengths, we developed nine growth opportunities. The prioritized opportunities were implemented directly after the project with the further support of hy.


Development of the overall digital growth strategy and elaboration of nine growth opportunities, of which two with direct impact on sales were directly implemented with our support.

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Concept, validation and development of Goodstuff Ventures – a launch pad for consumer electronics products

hy supported Hoyer, an importer of consumer electronics, in setting up and continuously developing a launchpad for inventors of consumer electronics. The idea identified with hy in an earlier strategy project was concretised and validated. The concept included the scope of the partner offer, the market launch strategy and the structure of the launchpad. Subsequently, hy helped to recruit key people, was responsible for the deal flow and continuously developed Goodstuff Ventures.


Entrepreneurial development of the venture hub including foundation, setup, hiring of key roles, implementation of a launch event, screening of 100+ applications and negotiation of two concrete term sheets in the first months.

Implementation of a digital B2B marketplace for painting supplies 

After validating the concept of a B2B marketplace for painters’ supplies, we worked with Dörken to develop it to market maturity. In addition to drawing up the product specification and a product roadmap, we supported Dörken in the selection of technical service providers and in the areas of marketing, partner acquisition and strategic business development. We also filled key positions for the new venture in an active hiring process.


From the rough idea and validation on the market to the launch of the platform in just seven months.

Go-to-market and monetization strategy

BuildingMinds transforms the operation and management of building portfolios around the world. The development of an industry-specific Common Data Model makes the use of AI in many areas possible in the first place. BuildingMinds is supported by investor and founding partner Schindler as well as technology partner Microsoft. The combination of an integrated cloud platform with a digital building twin and data-driven insights enables, in addition to unprecedented transparency, a holistic implementation of ESG strategies. We supported the go-to-market by jointly developing an entrepreneurial narrative, pricing strategy and naming.


Development of a business narrative, pricing strategy and a shortlist for the platform name

Analysis of disruption risks and development of strategic growth opportunities for the international media business

The international media business is of high strategic importance for Axel Springer. In order to anticipate potential disruption risks, we analysed market shifts in the extended environment of the relevant portfolio companies. Based on the core strengths, we then developed growth opportunities for the individual assets to supplement the previous value enhancement plan with attractive alternatives.


Creation of an enhanced understanding of potential disruption risks for the portfolio companies. Development and quantification of ten alternative growth opportunities.

Implementation of a paid content model for the news portals stol.it and sportnews.bzy

The news portals stol.it and sportnews.bz represent two of the main local information channels for German-speaking South Tyroleans. Both belong to the Athesia Group, along with numerous other media brands. In summer 2020, hy supported Athesia in introducing a paid content model for both portals. We developed an editorial concept and the pricing structure, screened and selected the technology provider and created the business case and a communication concept.


Generation of an additional source of revenue for the Athesia news portals, in addition to advertising revenue.