Sustainable strategies for ambitious growth

Analytical, visionary and creative. For our clients, we are the ear to the market and the partner for rethinking. We decode market dynamics, identify disruption risks and develop entrepreneurial growth strategies. Inspired by startups, we rethink strategy.

We feel comfortable where markets are in motion. We like – and drive – change. We map out growth paths and are only satisfied when they result in entrepreneurial passion. In short, we help decision-makers make bold bets, so they can shape the future themselves.

  • Data-based market decoding

    We analyze your present and future market environment, drawing on macroeconomic signals, global investments in new technologies, and our market expertise. In this way, we uncover your market dynamics and tomorrow’s risks before they show up in your balance sheet.

  • Definition of critical growth paths

    We identify growth opportunities for a sustainable positioning. In the process, we focus on your existing strengths and assets and those that need to be expanded. Entrepreneurship, pragmatism and sustainability characterize our approach.

  • Ecosystem Development

    We are your key to the startup and tech ecosystem. Tomorrow’s successful companies are networked systems rather than portfolios of business models. We look at investments and partnerships systemically and develop your growth plan together.

  • From Bold Bets to Strategies to Implementation

    A disruptive growth strategy beyond existing business models is a cornerstone for a new era only if it is consistently implemented. We support you in strategic implementation at operational and shareholder level.

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    Sebastian Herzog
    Co-CEO, Partner